Sunday, May 16, 2010

Clifford William Johnson (& W.O. Johnson) Dailyaide Journal 1950

I like the following signature in the front of the book by W.O. because it has the "& Son" part with it:

It seems they stuck by their slogan of "What is worth doing, is worth doing well." We can see that despite the fact it was four years since the last journal, W.O. and Grandpa (Cliff) were still doing business with many of the same clients:

Toby Larson, Arcadia, Lyman Pierce, Buckway, Lowell Ridges, W. Anderson, Shuback, Wolfers, Ridges, Frank Bartlett, Dr. W.H. Budge, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Fister, Jack Hilton, Clark Rich, C.A. Wright, L.T. Dee, Stone, Benning, L.S.P., Moesinger, Jack Felt, Shubach, Posnien, S.I. (or J.I.) Davis, Dr. R. Pugmire, Swanson Shoes, Dumke, Mountain States and Fister.

Throughout this year the Eccles family also gave W.O. Johnson & Son Painting a whole ton of business. Entries for Royal Eccles, Wm Eccles, Willard Eccles, S.S. Eccles and George Eccles dominate the book.

The pages for Jan 9th to Jan 16th are all torn out. I wonder what was on them.

I thought this entry on July 6th 1950 was interesting because Aunt Gwen’s name really jumped out at me. It’s written really big and it’s clearly not in W.O.’s or Grandpa’s handwriting.

On the previous page it looks like someone was trying to write an “N” and got it wrong so they tried again on the next page. I bet its Dad’s (Glen's) handwriting.

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