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Clifford William Johnson (& W.O. Johnson) Desk Private Journal 1946

In 1946 W.O. and Grandpa were already building their fortune as painters with the help of the Eccles family. There are numerous entries for jobs done for the Eccles family, including George Eccles, Royal Eccles, Spencer S. Eccles and Willard Eccles.

During this year W.O. and Grandpa also did jobs for:

Toby Larson, E.Z. Tjelstead (?), Felts, Ralph Gray, John Ira Davis, Dr. Nelson, Toby Larson, AT. Wolfer, Fletcher Scoweroft, Clark Rich, Vagabond Spop., L.T. Dee, Harm (?) Perry (or Peery), Dr. Budge, Mountain States Trailer, Laura Randall, Val Browning, Allred, Robert M. Hoggan, George Eisenberg, Globe Mills, LeRoy Rourng (?), G.S. (?) Wright, Arcodia, E.W. Fallentine, Arrids Shop, Larson Cabins, Pugmire, Mrs. Stone, W.H. Harris, O.C. Hammond, Fred M. Nye Co, Clark Rich, Lindquist Mortuary, Mamie Loughran, LeRoy Young, Dee Jenson, Gus Wright and Dr. Jenson.

Many of the entries are in W.O.’s handwriting.

Between the July 17th and July 18th entries I found this folded note from Grandma (Lavell) to Grandpa:

It reads:


Come down & have breakfast
the whole bunch are down here.

See you

It’s interesting to note that it’s on a “Hotel Utah” letterhead, which is now the “Joseph Smith Memorial Building”.

The back side of the paper has the header and date:
"P.D.C of A - Cobble Cottage Dec. 14  44" and has a list of names and other notes.

Between the Aug. 16th and Aug. 17th entries I found the following papers and receipts:

The first receipt is dated Aug. 14th 1943 and is made out to W.F. Reid, whose advertisement is stapled to the receipt.

The second receipt is dated June 12th 1946 to Grandpa.

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