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Clifford William Johnson Desk Private Journal 1957

By this point in time G-Gpa (William Oscar) Johnson had passed away on June 4th 1954 at 88 years old, so Grandpa (Cliff) was used to working alone.

Some entries in the last two journals show that G-Gpa was still doing some work well into his 80’s. Both of them had an incredible work ethic.

Some of Grandpa’s clients during this year include:

Ridges, Anderson, Southwick, Wallace Ellis, Frank Ellis, Hogle, A.H. Hollenback, Wolfers Store, Warner, Brown, Clark Rich, Fister, J. Silver, (Judy?) Pugmire, Davis, H. Peery, Doris, M. Pitts @ Ben Lomond Center, Allred, Bennett, Silvers, Morby, O.C. Hammond, Dr. Wilson Hales.

Several of the following entries peaked my curiosity:

Feb 9th (Sat) 1957: Grandpa worked for someone named “Southwick” and after putting in 52 hours of work over an 11 day period (plus a couple side jobs for other people) Grandpa went fishing in Mexico. (Note: I may have some slides from this trip, but we’ll see about that later.)

Mar 16th (Sun) to Mar. 23rd (Sat) 1957: Grandpa did 28 hours worth of work for someone in the “Hogle” family and I wonder if it was at the zoo.

I checked the zoo’s website and it said that from 1956 to 1962 the zoo underwent some expansions and additions. I wonder if Grandpa was involved with any of that during this week or if he was just working for a Hogle family member at their home or business.

July 12th (Fri) to July 13th (Sat) 1957: Grandpa did 10 hours of work for “Chase Electric”.

Were Aunt Gwen and Montie Chase married during this time?

Many of the Journal entries are still dominated by the Eccles Family including:

Royal Eccles, Willard Eccles, Mrs. J. Eccles, and S.S. Eccles.

Aug 5th (Mon) to Oct 4th (Fri) 1957: Grandpa did a massive project for “Hammond” which took a total of 317 hours.

Sept 25th (Wed) to Dec 31st (Sat) 1957: During the tail end of his “Hammond” project Grandpa began working on projects for S.S. Eccles which took a total of 281 man hours including 5 that he worked on Christmas Eve.

Oct 3rd (Thurs) to Dec 14th (Sat) 1957: During this time Grandpa also did 36 hours worth of work for Willard Eccles. Many of the entries show Grandpa would work for S.S. Eccles for a number of hours in the morning and then go work several hours for Willard Eccles in the afternoon.

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Lyle Wiggins said...

Brings back a vivid memory. I remember Uncle Cliff telling me about setting up shop in a prominent store in Ogden (I wish I could remember which one)when they closed on Saturday and painting non-stop until the job was done early Monday morning before they opened. I couldn't imagine going two nights without sleep just to paint what I thought of as a stupid store.