Sunday, April 25, 2010

William Oscar Johnson Book: Voice Of Warning 1909

This is William Oscar Johnson's book titled "A Voice Of Warning And Instruction To All People".

Signature in front of the book: W.O. Johnson Seventh Ward.

Signature in back of the book: W.O. Johnson. Ogden Utah

This book has over 220 pages and page 20 was folded over. The following paper was folded and bookmarked page 167:

Material for Hokensen house
and Garage

Lead                                50
1 Gallen Paint made 2
1 Gall Turpentine
1 1/2 Gall Oil
1 Gall Sement Paint
Stone for dors 1 Pint
Paint for seven dors quart
Varnesh one Pint
Black for Hardwar one
Garage 30c

Laber Hours worked

I started on april 15

15                                   7
16                                   6
17                                   7
25                                   5
28                                   6
29                                   6
29 Clifford 1 1/2 Houre
30                                   6
1                                     3
2                                     4
3                                     4
5                                     5
6                                     5

I found this piece of paper so fascinating because it mentions work that G-Grandpa (W.O.) and Grandpa (Clifford) did for the Hokanson Family and it gives descriptions of what work was done, what supplies were needed, what days they worked and how many hours.

It shows that the Johnson and Hokanson Families had a level of working relationship.

I've always admired how hard working W.O. Johnson, Cliff Johnson and Hyrum Hokanson were. I've carried the following business card in my wallet for years:

I also have the following items from Hyrum Hokanson's "Ogden Egg Company" in my home office:

Notice some of the words and phrases on their material:

"What is worth doing, is worth doing well"
"Dependable Service"

Words to live by.

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