Sunday, April 4, 2010

Email From Lyle Wiggins, Family History CD From David Wiggins

Hi Family,


This blog has turned into a larger blessing than I thought it'd be. After posting G-Grandma Irene Hokanson's wedding book I decided to send out a couple emails and phone calls to let the family know about the blog.

The response has been AWESOME! I've heard from Wiggins Family members I didn't know, and I've received additional INCREDIBLE family history from them.


I wanted to make some of that the subject of today's post before I run off to the first session of conference.

Lyle Wiggins sent me the following email after hearing about the blog:


Uncle Marvin sent me the link to your blog, and I’m delighted.

I’m Dee’s oldest grandson, and I loved your grandparents!

I mowed their lawn from the time I could push their old miserable mower until I was employed full time during summers.

I also watered and took care of the property during a couple of their long trips abroad.

Your grandmother helped me start a stamp collection and I treasured the time I spend with her.

I remember when your grandfather first allowed me in his garage. My father (Keith Wiggins) didn’t believe it.

Then there are the memories of Great Grandma and Grandpa Hokanson… I could go on and on.

Thanks for what you are doing.

Lyle E. Wiggins

I loved Aunt Dee! She lived next door to Grandma (Lavell) and I have nothing but fond memories of her.

I remember as kids we'd often go to Grandma's house. As soon as we got there we'd rush next door to Dee's to get some candy. She was always so nice, (and I think it made Grandma a bit jealous from time to time!)

I used to mow Grandpa & Grandma's lawn every so often with that old push mower...the one that mostly brushed the grass down instead of cutting it. I used to complain about it, but Grandpa let me know that hard work was a good thing.

Cousin Kirk Breitweiser moved into Dee's house sometime after she passed away. Grandpa & Grandma bought a "motorized" lawn mower and stored it at Kirk's place.

Whenever I had to mow their lawn I was glad when I could use the new mower, but sometimes Kirk wasn't home, so the new mower remained locked in the garage and I'd be back to using the old push mower. You'd think I would've ended up with bigger bicepts than I did.

I actually have Grandma's journal from one of their trips abroad, and I've started trying to sort throught it and get it organized. I'll be posting it as I go through it.

I also inherited a bunch of slides, most of which are from their trips. I've started cataloging them, but its slow going because they're quite disorganized.

I also have Grandpa's journals and he's recorded some details of their trips.

I inherited all of Grandma's stamp collection. I'm looking foward to reattaching the loose stamps and the ones that have fallen out.

I wasn't allowed in Grandpa's garage when I was little. I remember when Grandma would call out to the garage to have Grandpa come in for dinner. His garage was his sanctuary. I remember cleaning it out when I was 14 after he passed away. It had the feel of a lot of old history.

I welcome any memories about G-Grandpa & G-Grandma Hokanson! Up until two days ago I only knew what Dad told me, but David Wiggins sent me an AWESOME CD chuck full of family history.

I was absolutely stunned at the content. I got to read G-Grandpa Hokanson's short autobiography and a bunch of others!


Please encourage your family members to join and participate in this blog. Doing so releases fantastic memories, stories and history like this to all of us.

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