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Sarah Irena Jenson Hokanson, Feb. 8th, 1900 & Feb. 25th, 1900, Bear River City & Brigham City, Utah - Wedding Book

Wedding Book Cover Page

"To Irena Feb, 8, 1900" (Unknown Artist)

From Y.L.M.T.H. (?) of B.R.C. (Bear River City)
If you know what these initials are please reply.

Bear River City Feb 8th 1900

Dear Irena.

Today in thy youth and beauty thou stand
And give unto one, your heart and hand
To one that you love far better than life
To one by whose side you are willing to strive
To learn lifes lessons its battle and strife
Preparing yourself for a more beautiful life
May your love for each other increase by the years
And the blessings of heaven will surely be yours.

Your loving Friend
Sarah M. Fridal.

Bear River City Feb 8th 1900

Dear Irena

May happiness ever be thy lot,
Wherever thou shalt be.
And joy and pleasure light the spot.
That may be home to thee.

Your loving Friend
Bodel M Petersen.

Bear River City Feb 8th 19.00

Dear Friend

May future with her kindest smile
Wreath Laurles for thy brow
May loving angels gaurd and keep the
Ever pure as thou art now

Your loving freand
Anna Jensen

Bear River City Feb 8th, 1900.

Dear friend Irena.

God bless you kind sister and friend
May the blessings of Heaven upon you descend.
If faithful you’ll prove and be true to the end
And always be ready God’s laws to defend
Much joy you’ll recieve when the battle is o’er,
Mingling with loved ones on Heavens bright shore.

Truly your friend.
Josephine Petersen.

Dear Irena

Truth is a queen who has
her eternal throne in heaven.
and her seat of empire in
the heart of God.

Your true friend
Bear River City, Feb 8th 1900
Hattie Iverson

Dear Sister Irena:-

We grew in beauty, side by side,
We filled one home with glee;
Our homes are severed far and wide,
By mount, and stream, and tree.

Your loving sister:
Bear River City Feb. 8th 1900
Viola Jenson.

Bear River City, Feb. 8th 1900.

Dear Irena:

“A true and sincere wish of mine,
Is that a joyous life be thine;
And every home where ever ‘tis spent
Be filled with love and sweet content.”

Helen Thompson.

Bear River City Feb 8th. 1900

Dear Friend Irena

May God bless you with his spirit. ever
That spirit that talks of the things of mere(?),
That you may have great joy, and do good
even until your soul shall be satisfied.

Is the wish of your friend
Selma Sorensen

Bear River City Feb. 8th 1900

Friend Irena

May your life be one of happiness

Is the wish of your friend
Ida Andersen

Bear River City Feb. 8th 1900.-

Friend Irena.-

These are the sweetest words, I know.

“God Bless You.”-

Your Friend,-
Hilda Nelson.

Bear River City Feb. 8 1900

Friend Irena:–

“May God’s Spirit ever attend you.
May friends fill your pathway
with love.
And when your mission on earth is ended
Ascend to the bright home above”

Your Friend
May Fridal.

Bear River City Feb 8. 1900

Dear Irena,,

Remember me though time goes fast.
Our golden hours flee.
Oh! May it be an easy task.
For you to sometimes think of me.

Your loving Friend
Mary Christenson.

Bear River City Feb 8th 1900

Dear Friend Irena.

Thou who hath been so excellent
a daughter, cannot be less.
Estimable in every relation in life

Your loving Friend
Mrs. Augusta Pversen(?)

Dear Irena:-

May thy years be bright before thee,
Friend of my childhood days;
Peace weave her olives o’er thee,
And joy attend thy ways.

Your loving sister,
Retta H. Jenson
Bear River City, Feb. 8, 1900.

Bear River City. Feb 8, 1900

Dear Irena.

Some friends may wish you happiness
Others may wish you wealth.
My wish for you is better far.
Contentment blest with health.

Your Friend.
Adaline Anderson.

Bear River City, Feb 1900

Dear Irena

As years roll on and day’s increase,
May thine, dear friend, be those of peace.
Peace ever flowing, as the river,
Constant pure, ending never.

Yours Loving Friend
Nellie Anderson

Bear River City Feb 8th 1900

Dear Irena

May you be happy,
May you be blest,
In a neat little cot,
With the one you love best.

Your loving Friend
Larinda Petersen.

Bear River City Feb 8th 1900.

Dear Irena

Bright be your lot and God you bestower
To aid you through the darkest hour.

Your loving friend
Carline Weideman

Bear River City, Feb 8th 1900.

Dear Friend Irena.-

“In God we trust.”

Your loving friend
Clara Hansen.

Bear River City. Feb 8th 1900.

Dear Friend:-

I unite with my sisters in
extending my congratulations;
wishing you and yours’ a
pleasant and successful
journey over the Sea of Life.

Elvina Andersen.
(that naughty girl)

Bear River City Feb 8th 1900

May a peaceful, heavenly influnce
ever abide with you.

Ever Your Friend
Emeline Andersen

Bear River City Feb. 8. 1900

Dear Irena

May ties of Friendship
Forever bind us.

Your Friend
Lucinda Peterson

Bear River City Feb 8th 1900

Dear Irena :-

When your life on earth has ended
And this weary path you’ve trod
May your name in gold be written
In the autograph of God.

Yours truly Friend
Emma Petersen.

Bear River City Feb 8th 1900

Dear Irena

May all your days be spent in bliss
May all your plans suceed.
Be but as happy as I wish
And you’ll be blest indeed.

Your Friend
Esther Hansen.

Bear River City. Feb 8th 1900

Dear Irena

May your life be brightened
With plenty of sunshine
Is the wish of your

Agnes Stansen

Bear River City Feb 8 / 1900

Dear Irena

Recive my good wishes
Oh would you were here
Surrounded by loved ones
And friends that are dear
Is the wishes of your Friend

Hilda Iverson

Bear River City Feb 8 1900

Dear Irena

If o’er each trial we should mourn
Where would we seek for pleasure?
In ever trial are blessing born
Each sorrow brings a treasure

Yours friend
Emma Okason



Husband and Wife,
like ivy on the wall.
Stand together or together

Nance Holmgren.

Bear River City. Utah Feb. 8th 1900.

Friend Irene:-

Fill every hour with what will last,
Buy up the moments as they go,
The life above, when this is past,
Is the ripe fruit of life below.

Your Friend
Rose Nelson.

Bear River City Utah Feb. 8th 1900

Friend Irena.

I wish you much happiness
And joy in the future.

From Your Friend.
Martha Jorgensen.

Bear River City Utah Feb 8th 1900

Friend Irena –

May loving earthly friends be near.
By night or day your path to cheer.

From Your Friend
Anna Jorgensen.

Bear River City Feb 8th 1900.

Dear Irena -.

Love and best wishes never
a trace of cloud or strife.

Come to mar
thy happy life.

From Your Friend
Maud Miller

Bear River City, Feb. 8, 1900

Dear Irena:

May your wedding prove to be,
One of peace content and glee;
May sweet flowers your path attend,
Is the greeting of a friend.

Your friend
Margaret A. Petersen.

Bear River City, Utah. Feb. 1900.

Friend Irena:

Friendship is a sacred word
Engrave it on the heart,
It was in friendship that we met
In friendship let us part.

Your friend
Emma C. Iversen.

(Note: This is the only entry with a Feb. 25th Date and Brigham City as Place)

Brigham City Feb 25th 1900

Dear Irena

I trust you may live to enjoy
a long & happy life
and my prayer for you is
that the Lord will ever
bless and prosper you

From your friend and Sister
M. E. Mortensen

Bear River City, Utah. Feb. 8th 1900.

Dear friend Irena:

Our friendship has budded on earth,
May it blossom in heaven.
Is the wish of your friend

Lillian Iversen.

Bear River City Feb. 8- 1900.

Friend Irena:

May happiness your brow entwine.
May peace your pillow strew.
May ever earthly joy be thine,
And joy of heaven too.

Yours Truly.
Amanda Iversen.

Bear River City Feb. 8th 1900

Friend Irena:-

Think not though distant that thou art
Thou canst forgotten be.
While memory lives within my heart
I will remember thee.

Nina Nelson.

Wedding Book Cover


Lyle Wiggins said...

Chris - I've been trying to decipher your transcription questions. I don't have a clue, yet, on Y.L.M.T.H., but the "of B.R.C." is almost certainly "of Bear River City." The last phrase in Anna Jensen's entry is, "Ever pure as thou art." The incomplete Iverson signature is Hilda Iverson. I'll keep working on the other questions.

Lyle Wiggins

Chris G. Johnson said...

Awesome! Thank you for the info! I've made the appropriate changes.