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Lavell Hokanson Johnson Journal, July 4th, 1926 to Sept. 13th, 1926

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AUGUST 9th, 1926: Yes, I have decided to keep a diary. My memory is too careless to trust with thoughts. Indeed some day one of we girls will lose Cliff, but we will have the sweet memory of our treasured hours with him.

July 4th, 1926 (Sunday) - I asked him to go to the Hermitage on party. We had lunch and stayed for the dance. I had the great experience of feeling his arm around my waist when we rode home in his Dodge Roadster.

I did not see him for some time and then I had a nice auto ride with him.

July 11th to 25th, 1926 (Sunday to Sunday) - He made a date and took me to Logan for a ride. We had lunch there and returned home.

He treated me wonderful at the dances, taking four dances and telling me he would rather dance with me than anyone else. Intermissions were spent in his solitary company. I was not sorry, for he told me I was a wonderful girl. I did not pay any attention.

I did not see him for some time. I had the blues all 24th for I learned he sent her 2 ½ dozen flowers. He went on a camping trip and I did not see him until Sunday, July 25th at 4:00 pm. I had Marion with me so he did not take me riding.

Francis H. had invited him on several parties so he was not to the dances. Gee, I was lonely to see him.

July 29th, 1926 (Thursday) - Elaine called him up and invited him up to Della’s while we tended children. He brought us home and I invited him to go to Margaret Robinson’s place on Sunday. He said he would love to go. I was talking to him and he said when he got courage he was going to tell me something. Gee, I coaxed, but he would not tell me.

Margaret had to work so we did not have the party. Gee, I was sorry, but Cliff said he would rather just be with me anyhow, so we went to the show and for a ride after. He treated me wonderful, but would not tell me what he intended to sometime.

Aug 2nd, 1926 (Monday) - He invited me to go on a hike with him. Ray had asked him to take me, but I pretended that I did not know anything about it. He said that Ray had called, but had not told him who to bring so he had decided to ask me himself. We went down to the post office to mail my letters and on the way back we had ice cream at Banners. We sat on the porch and talked for a very long time and he asked my telephone number. (I wonder why?)

Aug 4th, 1926 (Wednesday) - We went on the hike, but he did not treat me quite the same. He monkeyed around with the boys. On the way home I acted cool and he pulled me over by him, telling me to be very cold so he could have an excuse to put his arm around me. We had a good sensible talk before he left, about himself. (Gee, he is ideal).

Aug 5th, 1926 (Thursday) - It was the supreme night. He picked Thelma and I up uptown and took us for a long ride. Then we took Thelma home and went for another ride. I told him I would not go in until he told me what he said he would. We stopped out in front and he put his arm around me. He was not ready to say the words, so we talked away. Mother and Dad were going to Butte, Montana and I knew I must go in, but I was determined to hear all he had to say.

Finally, when he had snuggled me close he said, “Lavell, how can you expect me, or any other fellow, to keep from kissing you when you are snuggled so close and look at me that way? It is very hard to overcome temptation.”

I at once moved and told him that I did not intend to tempt him and I was sorry if I had tempted him to do something he knew that he should not do. I was glad he had told me.

He said he had considered me, only he knew that I did not like to be kissed.

I asked him why he was so unselfish, always considering the wishes of only the other person. Oh, how I admired him for that.

Dad returned to get his book and we drove him down to the Depot.

When we came back he cuddled me near once more, but I pulled away saying I was going to consider him for a change. He tried to make me smile, but I would not so he put both arms around me and drew me real close, looking me right in the eyes. Then he kissed me oh so tenderly that I could not hate him for it. Then he kissed me again. I was so thrilled I could hardly see.

“Lavell, I have liked you since the first time I saw you. I know that you are a nice girl,” he said.

I was glad he liked me and said so, and he said he was afraid I would not want him to like me.

There was silence, and that was enough, but I wonder what he though of.

He took me to the door and as I said goodnight he kissed me so passionately upon my neck that I could hardly sleep for thinking of it.

Yes, I dreaded to see him again for fear I could not act my natural self.

August 7th & 8th, 1926 (Saturday & Sunday) - He came to the dance. He only took two dances and I was glad he only talked the last part of intermission with me.

When we were dancing I asked why some fellows did not believe me. He said he did not know, but he surely hoped I meant all I had said to him. (Oh, if he only knew how much I did. Well, I even wrote a poem to him in church Sunday).

Leona Draper and I went walking Sunday and although I did not see him, I talked so much of him that I was not lonesome.

Gee, Saturday I even hoped that he did not see me with Gene Taylor, for I was not a bit thrilled.

Oh, if I could only feel O.K. about going with him, but I am afraid he loves many. Well, he is going to Shy Ann (Cheyenne) in September and then I’ll know. Oh, I do hope “the best girl wins” and that I am she.

I’d give all I ever could for him, but I shall not break up them if he likes her better.

August 9th, 1926 (Monday) - Tonight is Monday. I do hope that I see him. If I do I shall rejoice and write more. If not I shall think a great deal, but write nothing.

Well, I did see him. I bumped into him accidentally on purpose as he came home from work. I talked to him for an hour. He bawled me out for running across the street so often, so I have decided from now on I will not see him unless it is his fault. Thelma, Louise, Elaine and I went to see “Why Men Leave Home”. It was fine.

August 10th, 1926 (Tuesday) - I Worked hard all day and then went home and sewed until seven. Then I got ready for the dance. I heard I was trying to break up Thelma and Ray, but talked to both and proved myself innocent. I went to the dance with Elaine and Louise and had the most wonderful time. I danced with Clifford Johnson (3), Gene Taylor (2), Parry Morgan (1), Ray Williams, Kay Edson, Milton Fauswoth, Bill Rampton, Overton Zinn, Wendell Jacobson, Oral Evans, Leonard Cazarea (2), Mr. Childs, and Ward Moreby.

I spent intermission with Cliff. I learned that it was no disgrace to have a fellow try to butt in with you. It showed that you were superior to other girls or he would not have asked you. Wendell told me how much he liked to dance with me (more B.S.). They all treated me wonderful. Me for Tuesday night dances.

August 11th, 1926 (Wednesday) - Yes, today has had its thrills. Dear Lily, missing Louise, has showed up and only tried to play lost by staying with her girlfriend overnight. We are going to visit her tonight and learn all the particulars. I got ambitious today and made four Sunday School lesson outlines. I’m surely getting good.

Well, now that evening is here I will make up for it. We went up to Dee’s and then walked downtown after. We met Cliff and he stopped, but Elaine said she would rather walk so we walked and he drove off. I believe Cliff felt a little peeved. I got home at 9:00 pm and sewed.

August 12th, 1926 (Thursday) - Cliff passed Leona and me on 22nd St. as he was going to the dance. I wanted to dance, but everyone was too tired. Leona thinks Cliff is going to Shy Ann (Cheyenne) to decide upon an important question. I could not dislike him no matter how he decided, but I do hope he is happy and that he will not regret his decision.

August 13th, 1926 (Friday) - At 7:00 pm, yes the phone rang. I was dressing to tend Beth, but ran to answer it. The Mister at the opposite end said, “Is this the Hokanson residence?” I said, “Yes.” He asked, “Who is this speaking?” I replied, “This is the daughter Lavell.” He asked, “Can you guess who this is?” It was Cliff. He asked me to accompany him to Lagoon on the Sunday School outing.

At 8:00 he drove up and I bit my heart. Yes, it was in my mouth.

At Lagoon we went in to dance and I enjoyed my dancing teacher’s instructions. I also danced with Milt Carr. We went rowing at intermission. I told Cliff about my dream, but he told me to forget it. He said we would always be the best of friends or he would surely be sorry. We rowed until 10:30 and then went back and danced. Although I could not dance at all he said, “I have enjoyed every dance with you. There is no one whom I dance with that has the same effect upon me. I feel just as if I were all alone with you and it makes me forget all about myself and I feel perfectly at home”.

Going home he told me his Father and Mother had coaxed him to go to Lagoon. His Mother asked him if he intended to go alone and his Dad spoke up and said, “Why of course Cliff will not go alone. He will take the egg man’s daughter.” So Cliff called me up. Thanks go to the Dad.

His Mother asked why he did not go down on the Bamberger because it was cheaper. He slipped his arm around me and said, “But she did not realize she was asking me to give up all of this pleasure of being all alone with you.”

We stopped at the Chicken Inn, but I do not want to go inside anymore. It is tough for me.

Before he left I asked if I was doing wrong for allowing him to kiss me and he said, “No, I don’t see why. I like you well enough do I not?” Oh, he surely is a wonderful kid and he can thrill you just wonderfully.

I have decided right now that the limit is 1:00 am from now on. He will be home at that time or else it will be his fault.

August 14th, 1926 (Saturday) - I finished my blue coat to wear to the dance. I’m sure I’ll have a good time.

I did have a good time. He told me that I looked wonderful and he surely liked my new coat, but he could like me in a sack apron. I met Cliff’s cousin and made Cliff a little jealous after I danced the third time with him. He is going to come to all of the dances now. He told me Cliff had told him all about Friday night. I have to keep his mouth tied. Cliff said he wanted all my dances, but he only got five. I think he planned to take Elaine and I home for he waited at the gate for someone, but darn the luck, Mr. Taylor hung on so I pretended not to see him. I don’t like Gene Taylor and I will not come home with him anymore.

August 15th, 1926 (Sunday) - It was a queer day. After Church Leona Draper came over. I showed her all of my pictures, hope chest and Helen curled our hair while Elaine and I took turns pressing our clothes. At 6:00 we walked uptown, but saw only (illegible) Hewlett. I went to Church and met three of Leona’s friends. We walked uptown and then home. I did not see him at all. I wonder where he was.

August 16th, 1926 (Monday) - I tended Beth with Virginia Boyle’s aid. She told me all about Cliff Fretwell. Oh, she surely is a sweet kid. She gave me a little hope for the future.

August 17th, 1926 (Tuesday) - I went to the “city” with Elaine and Thelma. I had all of my dances, but did not enjoy myself. Cliff was so different I have decided I do not like him at all. He told me he was going to take at least two weeks vacation. I wondered how he would tell me. He also said it was tiresome to write so often. He told me he had a date with Lea Batesman. I don’t care at all. I think I am through with him. I’m going to prepare for a mission and forget all about men. Oral is going to write to me, but I don’t give a hang. I came home with Henry and Harold Johnson, but I don’t like them. May tomorrow bring me more luck.

August 18th, 1926 (Wednesday) - I lost the book and so I did not write for a long time.

August 26th, 1926 (Thursday) - I had a date with Cliff. We went to see “Simon the Jester”. It was clever. He made the date for 7:15 pm, but at 8:00 pm he called up. He was just getting off work. After the show we rode out to Hot Springs, then up to the Wisteria and ate. We got home about 1:00 am bell. Mother gave me heck for being so late, as she always does.

August 28th, 1926 (Saturday) - The Berthana opened. I had a wonderful time. Cliff took me out at intermission for a drink and I think he wanted to take me home from the way he acted.

August 29th, 1926 (Sunday) - Leona and I took pictures. He came over on his way home from work and we took one of him. We passed him as he went to the Egyptian Theater, but he did not see us. He was with Ray Laughgreen.

September 2nd, 1926 (Thursday) - I saw him and he made a date for Labor Day. Mary bet he would.

September 4th, 1926 (Saturday) - He was at the Berthana and took me home. Thelma and Ray went also. We planned to go to Salt Lake for Labor Day.

September 5th, 1926 (Sunday) - Ray, Thelma and I made candy, I asked Cliff to come over, but he was going to the show with Frances Hales.

September 6th, 1926 (Monday) - It’s Labor Day. 2:00 pm ushered Cliff in a Dodge Roadster. At 3:30 pm at 20th St. we called for Thelma and Ray and took a picture of the four of us and then rode to Salt Lake. We went to Liberty Park, then to City Creek Canyon and ate our lunch. Then the Paramount Empress was favored with our presence.

It was too late to dance so we came home. Cliff made me peeved for he seemed to be afraid Dad would call me in. I went in at 12:45 am and he rode all over Ogden. Elaine saw him. I can’t imagine what for.

September 7th, 1926 (Tuesday) - We went to Church and we came home right after.

September 8th, 1926 (Wednesday) - Thelma and I went to the Colonial to see “The Red Kimona”.

Tonight I am going out to see Virginia because she is ill. Mary sent me a letter which seemed to be rather hard on me, but Mother says to keep going with Cliff. I have received two letters from Oral, very clever. Eleanor wrote a clever letter today. I surely like her.

September 11th & 12th, 1926 (Saturday & Sunday) - I went to Berthana last night and had a keen time. I surely fooled Cliff when I nearly made a date with his cousin. I did not go with him at intermission, but stayed with them both. Cliff made a date for Wednesday to take me to hear the Blue Bird Orchestra at the Berthana. I made him believe he could not take me home, but when he followed me out I walked with him and he asked me to ride home, so I did. When we arrived at home he did not want me to go in. I had been so devilish he was amused. I asked him to come down Sunday and he did. Sunday was a fine day. After morning Conference I had dinner at Kihlstrom’s and then I came home to dress.

Cliff came at 3:30 pm and I had to curl my hair yet. We danced, sang, shook dice, played cards and ate, all on Sunday. We piled the four of us plus two more of us in the car and delivered Virginia and Cliff Fretwell to their Mothers. We then went over to Thelma’s and sang and ate some more. Then while alone with Cliff on a canyon road, rolling into the mountains we enjoyed a quiet talk. Then home James and to bed I went. It was the end of a perfect day. We all had a fine time.

September 13th, 1926 (Monday) - It’s Leona Draper’s birthday and I am going to a show with her.


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