Sunday, June 27, 2010

Clifford William Johnson Dailyaide Journal 1960

Not much stands out in this journal. Much of the pages are empty and the ones that have recordings show many familiar names mixed in with some new ones:

Clark Rich, Lee Nicholas, Mrs. Frank Ellis (Janet?), Mrs. Hooper, Wolfers, Francis Nicholas, Ralph Gray, Rich Johnston, Dr. Howe, Claire Perrins, Howard Tribe, H. Peery, Threshold, Berlin, Humpheries, Dr. Hales, Nesfill & Carver, Rasmussen, Steve Kennedy, Jack Felt, Danvers, O.C. Hammond, Chet Squires, Warner, Flexwood, Mosengers, Sy Hammond, Poulter, Ridges, Hunter, Torgeson, Fister, G. Horne, Lyman Pierce, Mrs. Chase, Kennedy & Gardner, Goddard – Simmons, Hilton, Donald Bowman, Mt Ogden Stake Table, Robt Hemmingway, Mountain States Imp., Wm Coit

Grandpa still did a lot of work for members of the Eccles’ family:

Mrs. Joe Eccles, Willard Eccles, S.S. Eccles, William Eccles

Mar. 19th (Mon) 1960: Grandpa had an appointment with Willard Eccles.

Mar. 23rd (Wed) 1960 to July 1st (Fri): Grandpa worked well over 136 hours for Willard Eccles doing a variety of jobs including:

Cleaning the living room, Barbara’s and Susan’s rooms, guest room, dressing room, kitchen, east closet and the library, washing metal on the porch, removing wallpaper in the kitchen, checking and ordering P room paper, taping door covering DR fixture, priming new windows, applying basecote to the stair hall, preparing & enameling the powder room, spackling, painting the basement, sealing walls, installing broom holders and hooks, installing switch plates, registers, switch box covers, repairing and hanging mirror, towel holders, soap dish and shelf, touching up the kitchen cabinet and kitchen panel edges, etc.

A "Unit Warranty" and Grandpa's signature in the front of the book:

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