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Clifford William Johnson Dailyaide Journal 1958

When we look at many of the jobs Grandpa (Cliff) did this year we see many of the same familiar names, but there a still a few new ones.

S.S Eccles, Coit, Wolfer’s Store, Clark Rich, Willard Eccles, Sonnys Bed, Fletcher Scoveroft, Lowell Ridges, Dr. Howe, Bill Hall, R. Pugmire, Mrs. Joe Eccles, Stone, J.(A. or H.) Hogle, W. Ward, Ruando Spa, Peery, Davis, Quilnian(?).

We still see a member of the Hogle family, but I couldn't make out if the initial was "A" or "H".

Jan 6th (Mon) 1958 to May 19 (Mon) 1958: Grandpa did a massive job for S.S. Eccles at their home that took well over 402 hours doing all kinds of work including:

Repainting mouldings including ceiling mouldings in the kitchen, touching up kitchen holes, kitchen dividers, new drawer west bottom kitchen, kitchen rods, dressing room rods, bathroom rods, bathroom ventilation, cutting legs off, one bathroom chrome register, preparing and lacquering the bathroom stool, guest bath, cleaning the master bedroom and guest bedroom, registers in the boys’ rooms, Marsh Eccles’ furniture including chair legs, table and curtain rod, Sonny Eccles’ shelves and bed, gardener’s room, changing bar drawers, bar wall, welding and painting wall brackets, lacquering the shoe case, typewriter cabinet, revolving top chair, enameling paper holder or scotch dispenser, clock, waste paper basket, peg board, hooks, Hi Fi speakers and screen.

Grandpa also did more work for Willard Eccles and Mrs. Joe Eccles.

Jan 17th (Fri) 1958: Went to the P.D.C.A. Inaugural Ball in Salt Lake.

Feb 17th (Mon) 1958: Grandpa got a traffic ticket while in California. Most of the writing is difficult to read and decipher.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but according to the yellow paper it looks like Grandpa might have been going 20mph in a 35mph zone. It could be the opposite, but I remember Grandpa was notorious for driving slow.

I wonder what he was doing in California on this day.

May 19th (Mon) 1958: Most people remember Grandpa as a man of few words. Perhaps the entry at the bottom of the page this day explains part of the reason:

"The Reason talk is cheap, is the supply exceeds the demand."

June 13th (Fri) 1958: Went to Grand Junction.

I thought this next entry was interesting:

July 1st (Tues) & July 3rd (Thurs) 1958: Worked for W. Eccles priming a cable car fence.

July 9th (Wed) 1958: Went to a funeral in Idaho.

I wonder whose funeral it was and what part of Idaho they went to. Were they family? It would be interesting to see that person's headstone.

This next entry made me happy when I saw it because it’s the first time Dad’s (Glen’s) name is mentioned. Dad would’ve been 17 years old.

Aug 29th (Fri) 1958: Fister Roof. Grandpa worked 7 hours and Dad worked 9.

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