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Clifford William Johnson Dailyaide Journal 1965

During this year Grandpa did work for:

Dave Clark, Clark Rich, Mrs. Clark Rich, Doc Pugmire, Bud Mitchell, P. Southwick, Gaskill, Bill Coit, Barbara Coit, Ralph Gray’s Apts, Ruando Spa, Gian Thi Dee, O.C. Hammond, Si Hammond, Willard Eccles, Royal Eccles, Mrs. Royal Eccles, George Eccles, Mrs. George Eccles, Ruth Eccles, & Cleone Eccles.

Jan. 27th (Wed) 1965: Grandpa went to Idaho Falls

Feb. 16th (Tue) 1965 to Mar. 3rd (Wed) 1965: Grandpa took a trip to Dallas, Texas.

Here's a picture of the Texas Schoolbook Depository in Dallas in 1965:

Mar. 9th (Tue) 1965: “Salt Lake Gwens.”

Apr. 23rd (Fri) 1965: “Rain”

May 14th (Fri) to May 16th (Sun) 1965: Grandpa had a Board Meeting in Grand Junction

May 17th (Mon) 1965: Grandpa did something with Utah Power & Light and scheduled the P.D.C.A. Mansion House Canyon Party for Aug 7.

May 19th (Wed) 1965: “4:30 Kirk – Babtise S.L” (Salt Lake).

June 19th (Sat) 1965: Grandpa went to a “PDCA Outing” in Salt Lake.

July 1st (Thu) 1965: “Jess Wade called, BEN CROW will be in S.L. for meeting July 13 MIXED GROUP. Time & Place Lator”

July 8th (Thur) 1965: “Weber County Recreation. Mrs Knight #39-95687 Water wheel area Aug 7”

July 25th (Sun) 1965 to July 27th (Tue) 1965: Grandpa had a Board Meeting in Denver. "Leave 7AM. Arrive 6 PM #30” - "Leave Denver 3:30 8hrs"

July 27th (Tue) 1965 & July 28th (Wed) 1965: Grandpa spent time in Vernal. "Vernal 11:30" - “Leave Vernal 9:20 AM 3hrs Ogden 12:30"

July 30th (Fri) 1965: “Rain”

Aug. 7th (Sat) 1965: “P.D.C.A Canyon Party.

Aug. 18th (Wed) 1965: “Rain”


Aug. 30th (Mon) 1965: “ESTIMATE REPAIRS OGDEN AUTO BODY $46.85 MERRIL BEAN LABOR 37.80 PAINT 11.50 PARTS 4.50 S.T 188 $55.68

Sept. 1st (Wed) 1965: “Repairs to Trk – Tuesday Trk Estimates to Geo Rill (sp?)

Sept. 7th (Tues) 1965: “Rain”

Sept. 15th (Wed) 1965: “PUGMIRES off to Europe” “Take Truck to Ogden Body.”

Sept. 16th (Thu) 1965: “Snow on Mountain”

Sept. 17th (Fri) 1965: “Snow”

Sept. 21st (Tue) to Sept. 27th (Mon) 1965: Grandpa spent time in Pueblo. “Leave for Puealo (Pueblo) #40” - "Pueblo 6 P.M." - “Pueblo (3x)” - “Leave for Home. #50” - "Arrive Home"

Sept. 28th (Tue) 1965: “Rain”

Oct. 9th (Sat) & Oct. 11th (Mon): “Look at cars”

Oct. 12th (Tue) 1965: “Bought 65 – Pontiac”

Here's a picture of a 65 Pontiac Bonneville:

Does anyone know what version of 65 Pontiac they bought?

Oct. 13th (Wed) 1965: “check cad.”

Oct. 19th (Tue) 1965: “Tues. Deer Hunt Survey with Dave”.

Oct. 21st (Thu) 1965: “Met with Leon Riley – Ben Lomond Xmas Party. (Wesbrooke)”

Oct. 22nd (Fri) to Oct 24th (Sun) 1965: Grandpa went deer hunting with Dave Thomas. “Deer Hunting (Dave) - “Deer Hunt Dave Thomas South Fork” - "Deer Hunt".

Does anyone know who Dave Thomas is?

Oct. 30th (Sat) & Oct. 31st (Sun) 1965: “Lava Hot Springs Della & Joe.”

Nov. 17th (Wed) 1965: “Gears Locked on Trk”

Nov. 18th (Thu) 1965: “New. Sender unit on Trk.”

Nov. 26th (Fri) 1965: "$10000 Deposit - BERMUDA - Princess Hotel in HAMILTON - check to NEWTON TRAVEL SERVICE-INC - 12 LINCOLN ST. - NEWTON MASSACHUSETTS. - FEB. 19-25 1966 - Convention 15-18-1966 - Bistin - R.A. (Bob) PROCTOR - 66 HIGHLAND AVE NEWTON - NEWTONVILLE 02160 ch&p. - MAS.S.

Here's a picture of the Princess Hotel in Hamilton Bermuda:

Here's a modern day view of 21 Lincoln St. Newton Mass where Newton Travel Service Inc. did business:

Here's a modern day view of the neighborhood and possibly the house of R.A. (Bob) Proctor:

Dec 9th (Thu) 1965: Grandpa went to the P.D.C.A. Christmas party.

Grandpa had these saying in the back of his journal:

Most people are not two faced
otherwise they wouldnt wear
the one they do.

Always put off until tomorrow
those things you should never
do at all.

The operating committee simply
sits at a table solves problems
in such a way that we do
not create more problems

Sign in Dr's office
if you dont see what you want
you came to the rite place

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