Sunday, July 25, 2010

Clifford William Johnson Journal 1964

In this journal we’ll see Grandpa gearing up for he and Grandma’s trip -

During this year Grandpa did work for:

Ralph Pugmire, Mrs. Ralph Pugmire, Steve Denkers, Beverly Southwick, Pincock Apts.,  Mrs. Clark Rich, Sarah, Dr Pincock, Doc Southwick, Dr. Daniel Hunter, Mrs. Dan Hunter, Chandler, Clark Leaming, S.L. Murdock, Dunkley, Mrs. Fisher,  L.T. Dee, O.C. Hammond, George Eccles, Willard Eccles, S.S. Eccles, Mrs. Royal Eccles, Mrs. Cleone Eccles, Mrs. S.S. Eccles.

Here's some business cards and info he had in the front of this journal:

Here are the entries that stood out to me:

Jan. 11th (Sat) 1964: Grandpa has an entry that says "Broke Cable sent to Glen". and then has a note about a 1949 Chrystler Windsor that says the following:

Can anyone shed light on this subject?

Here's a picture of a 1949 Chrystler Windsor:

Feb. 21st (Fri) 1964: Grandpa took his truck in for the “3000 mi check”.

Was this the infamous truck that Dad, Gwen & Marvin got in trouble for painting?

Grandpa also has a second note on this day that says “cholera shot”.

Feb. 24th (Mon) 1964: “Diptheria – Tetanus shot”.

Feb. 25th (Tue) 1964: Grandpa went to see a lawyer about his will and went to get pictures taken for his passport.

Feb. 26th (Wed) 1964: There’s an entry that says “K. Wiggins – Bath Rm. Wall covering (critt)” (sp?)

Mar. 4th (Wed) 1964: Grandpa primed a donkey for “Lavell Johnson”.

Mar. 6th (Fri) 1964: “3rd shot Typhoid”.

Mar. 9th (Mon) 1964: The entries of “Murdock Travel” and “Merrill, Lynch” jumped out at me.

Mar. 10th (Tue) 1964: “Passport”.

Mar. 12th (Thur) 1964: Pick up Gwens stock – Goodbody” & "Keiths Walltex-Vinyl-".

Mar. 14th (Sat) 1964: “Passports arrived”.

Mar. 19th (Thur) 1964: There’s a note in the upper right hand corner that says “Gene (sp?) Hospital”.

Mar. 21st (Sat) 1964: “Cholera Shot”.

Mar. 24th (Tue) 1964: “Shot Diptheria – Tettanes”

April 18th (Sat) 1964: “Round the world Tour”.

July 20th (Mon) 1964: “Returned OK. Round the world Tour”.

I have Grandma’s journal she kept during their trip, as well as all the slides, many postcards and other photographs. We will be taking that trip once we are done with Grandpa’s journals. STAY TUNED!

July 22nd (Wed) 1964: Grandpa left Ogden at 10:00pm with Larry, bound for Los Angeles to pick up Gwen’s furniture.

July 25th (Sat) 1964: Grandpa returned from Los Angeles at 10:00am with Gwen’s furniture.

Aug. 14th (Fri) 1964: “Keith W. (Wiggins) 1 ½ 3 gal. Sealer. 3 qts Walnut Stain”.

Aug. 18th (Tue) 1964: After meeting with Clark Leaming Grandpa took his truck into Browning Chevrolet at 8:00am. His mileage was 4032 miles and they pulled the motor and fixed his pistons and rings.

Sept. 1st (Tue) 1964: Grandpa went to Dr. Southwick and was “A-OK”.

Sept. 18th (Fri) 1964: “Rain”.

Sept. 22nd (Tue) 1964: Grandpa went to Santa Fe.

Here’s a picture of Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe in 1964:

Oct. 1st (Thur) 1964: “Gwens Baby. Kevin D-113”.

Oct. 28th (Wed) 1964 to Nov. 13th 1964: Over this time period Grandpa worked a total of 23 hours helping Keith Wiggins paint his bathroom and prime his porch.

Nov. 6th (Fri) 1964: Grandpa went to Salt Lake.

Here's a picture of what Salt Lake looked like in the 1960's:

Nov. 7th (Sat) 1964: Grandpa went to Snow Basin.

Here's a picture of some skiers at Snow Basin in the 1960's:


Lyle Wiggins said...

I'm pretty sure it was 1964 when my parents, Keith and MauRene Wiggins, remodeled the upstairs of our home. My guess is that the "Critt" note would be Crittenden Glass and Paint. Uncle Clifford also did wall vinyl work in our basement, but that would have been a couple of years before. The note, "Gene Hospital" on 19 March probably referred to my grandfather, Eugene (Gene) Wiggins. He had severe diabetes and had both legs amputated.

Lyle Wiggins said...

I forgot to mention in my last comment that I mowed and watered Aunt LaVell and Uncle Clifford's lawn during their 90 day trip. That was a long time for a fourteen year old to be left unsupervised. I have always appreciated the trust they had in me. I'm sure my grandmother "looked in" to ensure I was doing my job, but nobody said anything to me, that I recall, from the day they left to the day they returned.